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  1. I’m not a germaphobe. But Lizzie is. Like a superhero. She’s a superhero of gehmoprobia. It’s cute though. And everything is organically minty fresh smelling. P.S. I’m going to start licking fire hydrants to grow a tail.

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  3. Great blog Sam. I know I have always rushed into making decisions without weighing the consequences of my decisions. People would tell me that I seemed fearless, but I was usually avoiding making harder decisions that seemed easier to make for others. I think God is upstairs some where going “Really Mike? Don’t make life so hard son! Stay the course, and listen.” Love you brother! Keep writing!

  4. ä¿—å‘€,果個靚妹覺得俗嘛,佢連去唱k都覺得乜乜物物喎,唔死?!佢點會覺得我有資格教佢呢。我都算「化」囉(!),冇昨天既pk就唔會有今日既認知…其實你段quote講既野,我老豆已經同我講左十幾年(應該話係類似既–當然啦佢開始講果陣我都未上大學,同埋佢既結論係要努力讀書起步高過人…)…可能因為有晒心理準備,所以冇乜落差… -.-|||

  5. Enjoyed reliving the infamous bicycle crash day! Seeing the same bond with my college senior and her roomie (her hometown buddy as well). They are two peas in a pod!Love you!

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  7. Even Chris Matthews made a nasty comment about him tonight. I don’t care if he did exaggerate his service, so freakin what. Compared to what other people do and say, bald-faced lies that they know are lies. WTF, if every Republican who lied about something were run out by the media, hell, they’d all be gone. Bastards and bitches.

  8. maestrina dalla penna rossa · giovedì, 6 dicembre 2012, 9:29 amHo sentito dei berlusconiani della prima ora, che hanno un’ammirazione sviscerata per Silvio e lo considerano un uomo di capacità superiori, dire che non voteranno più per lui perché lo considerano politicamente finito e nell’impossibilità di portare a termine un qualsiasi progetto. Naturalmente ciò non fa testo, perché i berlusconiani che conosco per l’appunto sono solo questi due che parlavano.

  9. My experience with welfare homes is getting kinda old by now. But I suspect it is still relevant.I was always impressed with how many televisons that welfare recipients had. They weren't very good TVs, but there were a lot of them. I had a family on my caseload that had seven – every room had a TV. The idea that welfare families don't have TVs is like the myth that they don't have cars. I just checked craigslist. I found 651 TVs for sale for under $25. Many are available for $10 or less.

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  12. aahhh bless there hearts loving the photo of them lined up by their stockings ;-)) Gorgeous photo's i adore the old carousel's so much colour etc you can just imagain them in their hey day and all the ladies and men dresses in their best ;-) You look beautiful to love the suitcase. Glad to hear you had a merry christmas ;-) Have a great new year to, dee xx

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  14. Did not know that about Caspian of late. In my IPSC days, they were considered top-notch. Hence my building custom IPSC and carry rigs using Caspian frames and slides, and confusion regarding the dislike. Learn something new every day, I guess…

  15. Ford on Beverley: “He’s super athletic, is a lockdown defender, and can play both the 1 and the 2. Nice pick for the Lakers.”I love how the triangle allows us to take PGs that would be worth little to other teams (because of a lack of PG skills) and turn them into solid players.

  16. Good golly, those readers must not get around much…Dark Tower by Stephen King? David Gerrold’s Chtorr? Melanie Rawn’s The Captal’s Tower? Book whatever it is now from Jean Auel?You don’t get irate at the authors. It’s not going to help, and it’s just silly.

  17. zanon,There's no evidence whatsoever that you even understand what you purport to understand.All we know so far is:1. There is a set of people called PKs.2. The PKs claim X.3. You say you believe X.4. You can't describe X.5. You can't explain or justify your belief in X. When you try doing so, you fail miserably, or ramble incoherently.6. You point to and provide links to long winded ramblings within which X is supposedly contained.

  18. C’est vrai , je trouve que l’ambiance est très décevante. La Corée , n’a pas été a la hauteur par rapport aux autres championnats (En Europe, le stade aurait été blindé, ex: on se rappelle tous a Paris en 2003 ). C’est vraiment dommage que ces populations non européennes ne s’intéressent pas a ces évènements sportifs !!!ps : les organisateurs ont été obligés de faire un bruit de fond avant chaque courses pour mettre de l’ambiance , assez drôle !

  19. Di sicuro l’anno prossimo le metto i primi di luglio!!!!!Sono di ritorno ora dalla campagna, e dopo un controllo a campione su alcune trappole ho visto che un po di mosche ci sono, ma non sono molte, speriamo che il motivo è perchè quest’anno c’è poca mosca!!!

  20. So, everyone out here on the east coast is going crazy because one of our teams will be in the Super Bowl. The Steelers, Eagles, and Ravens are all from this area and the ppl are going crazy! lol

  21. Consciência universal?É um lance meio Jedi, né? Tipo… “Que a força esteja com você…”, “A força sabe o que faz…”, “Luke eu sou o seu pai…”Daniken é conhecido mundialmente… Osama, Hitler e Bill Gates também são…Como é que é? Para ser martir tem que defender os fracos e oprimidos?! Isso só prova a incopetência de um povo.

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  26. Dr Orly has contacted me, want someone to help locate ColJames Pohl(Military Judge) Need help from some of you internet sleuths. I’m not sure how to get in touch with him. He’s the first Military personell to disobey a direct order from Obama. Orly wants to speak with him. Any Ideas on how to locate him??

  27. Hei MaritFor noen FLOTTE knagger – nydelige de fra Indiska ♥ og for noen herlige flotte votter… sÃ¥ heldig du er! Jeg ogsÃ¥ har en søster som strikker (jeg strikker ikke…) og har vært sÃ¥ heldig Ã¥ fÃ¥tt tovet votter – de er bare kjempegode… Likte utrolig godt de rosa vottene ♥ Jeg hÃ¥per ogsÃ¥ pÃ¥ det beste for din venninne.. fryktelig Ã¥ ha det slik – godt hun deg da :o) Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin søndag. Klem fra Mette

  28. was most important to accomplish, he is worthless. DC is like a pack of wolves, it runs on perceived power. If the president appears weak, Pelosi and Reid et al. will feel they have the upper hand, rightfully so, and B.O. will be like one of those people in the back of John’s old cars — thoroughly scr-ewed.

  29. I just find cover two to be totally unengaging. It looks too much like any other book on the shelf — why should someone grab it over [insert any other teen supernatural novel with a generic-looking cover]? Cover one is far more interesting, though I agree the illustration style doesn’t match what the tone of the book seems to be.

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  31. There is only one right (and right) decision. Obama should set aside his prejudice and apologize to the American people…and to Christians.and to Buddhists.and to Mexicans.the death toll of U.S. military and civilian personnel passed 2,000Shout out to PBS and Jim Lehrer in recognition of their “honor roll” segment.

  32. I don’t know to be honest. I’ve had horrible experiences with “small friendly, leveling guilds”. Most of them start out with the best of intentions but once the leveling part is done and you get toward endgame horrible stuff always happens. I put it myself on the fact that people at endgame have different expectations. Anyway, suffice to say I’ve lost RL friends to the drama.Me and my gaming buddy are currently looking into kinships too. So far nothing caught our attention but it would be fun to have some people to run instances or get help.

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  35. I added this on to the petition text:Quite apart from the official sentiments below, ex-gay groups have nothing to do with science, faith, progress, or a just society. They are about one thing only: the support for prejudice and marginalization of gay people. they are charitable organzations only in the sense that they frequently have tax exempt status to work their evil on gay people.

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  37. J’avais lu un peu en anglais, je m’étais arrêté à la rencontre du voisin timbré mais depuis, je l’ai réinstallé en français et pas touché :< Mais Shizune et Lilly sont celles qui m’attirent le plus Après bon, faudra que je le fasse, un jour.. Et gg la nouvelle bannière, description et autres nouveaux liens, très sympas :jospin:

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  44. Why must we always praise our husbands for what is their role anyway as a partner when a baby has been conceived together? I think sometimes, we spend so much time exalting our husbands, that we forget to feel good about ourselves as the wonderful birthing vessels we are and how wonderfully we were made. Our husbands do what any human would do when they are near a laboring woman.I wonder…would husbands exalt and brag on their wives if they the men were the ones who gave birth??

  45. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Lucy. Your “streamlining” article comes at just the right time. The “Chinese takeout menu” of services has been driving me crazy for a while, and I really need to clean it up. Along with my shop – which I’ve been working on. Summer is supposed to be a good time for this, but I’ve been procrastinating. Getting back on it now!

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  51. I love your story, Kelly! You and Brad remind me a lot of myself and my wife Lisa. Lisa used to struggle with an eating disorder, and we’ve been through a lot as we’ve taken on her self-defeating thoughts together. Thankfully, everything is looking up now, and we’re both developing a fresh appreciation for food as we cook new recipes together. Good times!

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  53. Josh/Jeff,Looks like you guys are picking up where you all left it last year..sure going to miss not being out there this year …. but the nextbest thing is checking out your blogg (not really … nothing beats being there)Catch one or two from me (and brother John) Enjoy,kevin

  54. The difference between WWII and today is that during WWII, we pulled together and met the needs of the military within our own borders. Think Rosie the Riveter….Now, we are probably getting most of the supplies from countries other than ourselves. Why should the way the military acquires things be any different than what we are purchasing at the local grocery store of Wal-Mart?

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  56. And to bring this back home: as lovers of wisdom, they of course acknowledged Natural Law – they were constantly measuring their own actions against what is good, right and true. To do otherwise would be insane, or at least base and unworthy.

  57. Yo a la persona Umbral no la soportaba. No soporto el engreimiento ni el borderío.Pero no es un Gorroño como Ussía. Es (era) un intelectual con todas las letras. Alguien respetable y valioso.Aunque vanidoso. Él, lo que quería de veras era hablar de su libro…

  58. I already got tagged Hannah, and at the risk of being a killjoy, I’m going to have to put it on hold till I have saved the world. Sometime next week then!Thanks for thinking of me – and all that encouragement, needed as everything begins to ramp up.

  59. I wish I had read more articles like this before my children were born…it would have helped me realize that what everyone else around me was calling “spoiling” my kids, was really my natural motherly instinct kicking in.I had difficulty breastfeeding all 3…but also had no support and really didn’t know where to turn. I should have done a lot more research, but I’m glad to know now about all the resources out there for those of us interested in natural / attachment parenting.

  60. Here from SITS. I am a city loving girl who lives in the country. I laughed a lot of the way through your post. My hubby limits me to one town trip per week, and I am going through withdrawal!

  61. Quatrz (pfiou). Mieux vaut tard que jamais, non? Natacha> Merci encore! Impératrice> Oui, terrassé, c’est le mot. Mais ça va rentrer dans l’ordre, j’y crois ? mort.

  62. avez raison, mais il ne s’agissait pas de l’Allegemeine Zeitung (allemand) mais de The Algemeiner (un journal juif de New York). J’ai modifié et mis ce titre en lien direct.

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  68. The government cannot put an outrageous tax upon ink in order to stifle the free speech of a newspaper. Nor should a government put an onnerous tax upon ammunition in order to stifle the right of a citizen to keep and bear firearms.

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  70. Happy Birthday Mark, I hope the curry is one of those super-hot Jalfrezis that are somehow the best ever in England… Sounds like you’re doing all the right things – counsellor, joining the rock choir etc. I know Thea would agree with me that if it’s at all possible, do no contact with your ex. Even for just a few months. You don’t need those mind games while you ride this yucky time out. And good for you having the courage to chronicle this, I look forward to reading more as the days go on. Cheers, Rachel

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  75. pues sí que es curioso… y ni siquiera lo doraba/tostaba antes de tomarlo? te aseguro que chupar una pata de pulpo seco puede ser bastante duro, seguro que no se comía nada, debía ser un sólo para chupar y quedarse con el sabor, no?

  76. GregSi j´étais citoyen américain j´attaquerais ces tea bagger d´anti-patriotisme virulent. Une honte sur le plan éthique et civique.En temps de crise, les citoyens sont sommés de collaborer au bien commun. On diverge à nouveau une fois la crise résolue. Continuer de la même manière, et bien cette forme de sabotage systématique n´est rien d´autre qu´une forme de terrorisme, et ien d´autre qu´une insulte envers ses propres concitoyens. On a pas besoin de mâcher ses mots.Vive les US, et vive le président Obama.

  77. I've never liked the combination of rhubarb and strawberries until a few years ago. Why? Because I never tried it–being a purist I wanted them separately. It took me a long time to find that it was a good "marriage". I have a feeling that our strawberries and rhubarb will be quite late this year but I have those jars. Just can't bring myself to toss them out once empty!!Best,Bonnie

  78. beautifully about the traveling and I always loved to be a traveler, because he has no destination and has a lot to experience and observe. I feel traveling expands my worldYes, the stories are something strange and everyone has a story to say to turn our traveling interesting. My wishes on the 200th post! :)

  79. Actually Linda, the British gov are only encouragingMoslem colonisation to please Cameron's real master,Rothschild and the Wall St/City of London banksters. The traitor Cameron is totally bought like the traitor Blair was, and many others. The effect of Moslem settlement in UkIs to speed up the dismantlement of White/Christian Britain.That is what is required by the traitor class.

  80. “You do not have the right to expect to receive other peoples work for free“I would suggest that this is a valid statement. You can certainly desire other peoples work for free but you don’t have the “right” to expect it.

  81. what he does because he's Jewish is absurd on its face and doesn't stand a minute's scrutiny. Even were this notion somehow true – that his real motivation was Jewish ethnic solidarity or the like – the fact that better than 90% of his views coincide with the nationalist right means it hardly even matters. But to those who think like Tanstaafl, something that is "good for the Jews' is therefore necessarily bad for whites and America.

  82. Having seen the trailer, I suspect the movie really sucks. Maybe even worse than the novel.But yeah, the news that Ebert hated it doesn't come as shocking news. If he wasn't all geared to hate it before the opening credits, well, that would shock me. I'm sure he pines for the realism and humanitarianism of Soviet propaganda flicks.

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  246. what I heard as, “I am a Syrian.” I said, “Oh, ok, I- wait. Syrian, or Assyrian?” He seemed quite pleased that I knew the difference and confirmed he was actually Assyrian and from Northern Iraq. He then went on to talk about how his people’s land had been stolen way back when and I’m thinking, “Is he bitching about Alexander?” It was fascinating, and kinda cool.

  247. I couldn’t agree more. It is so nice to see young Taiwanese who are willing to try new things and have an adventure. From speaking to these ladies, I gather that they plan to go around Taiwan speaking about their experiences in order to help dispel the bad press. They were, I believe, quite upset by the one-sided reporting.

  248. Cubans love racial diversity, and can't get enough of it. Something to do with warm climates, I guess. You just have to keep the right people on top.It's been a while since I've bothered to look them up, but I remember being struck by how poor the "anticommunist" Cuban reps in Florida were graded by Gun Owners of America. They ran from Fidel, but brought Fulgencio with them.

  249. I am about 15k points from earning companion flights. I didnt know about applying for business account until I ran across your website today. I am running out of time to reach my 110k goal. I saw on the southwest page that you can buy points and it would cost me about $375 to reach my goal which is a price I am willing to pay since I plan to travel extensively with my girlfriend next calendar year. My question is do points bought count toward companion goal?

  250. this feels more of an indictment of so called ‘focus groups’ that are so popular in the US and that our american cousins have to endure. Structured questions, business meeting setting, moderator that is just there to ask questions, client behind the glass, literal research debrief, and dare I suggest consuemrs with no interest in buying an apple.But the bottom line is if any research anywhere had threatened that ad it would indeed have been a waste of time and money.

  251. I love this post! We struggle with how to motivate ourselves sometimes on an hourly basis, and I’ve found that staying present is key. When I get too far ahead of myself, I feel like I’ve lost focus, and I’m totally scattered. I’m reading Wayne Dyers “Excuses Begone!” right now too! LOVE this book Thanks Preston! Debbie

  252. “six decades of ethnic cleansing, land theft, occupation, apartheid, colonization, military aggression, war crimes, assassination, and collective punishment” and you think it’s not a War? A little more endless debate and there won’t be any survivors to save. Game over and it’s on our heads. There needs to be more serious pressure here, not endless futile debating. Take away their ability to claim to govern.Hej!

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  254. Je suis très triste du renvoi de Didier Porte et Stéphane Guillon. Je n’écoutais pas leur chronique quotidienne car je travaille la nuit et dors à leur heure de diffusion. Quand, en 2006, le petit Nicolas a été élu j’avais dit à mes potes que l’on en viendrai à regretter Chirac. Même lui n’aurait pas osé faire virer des chroniqueurs aussi populaires. cela n’augure rien de bon pour les deux années à venir. C’est grave de ne pas supporter la critique et l’humour.

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  258. We are of two minds about Takeshi! I do not have him on my computer (you know on the screen, doesn’t mean he’s not somewhere else :O ) but was EXCELLENT in Red Cliff. Zhuge Liang is my HERO!You reminded me to watch Ip Man 2. I did not know I was really watching Rocky 3? Honestly, tho, any opportunity to see both Donnie Yen AND Sammo Hung (who I’m still a little afraid of).